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I came across your "Say Cheese" crackers at my local supermarket today and was intrigued by ingredients. I HAD to buy them! The second I got home, I tore open the bag and dipped my first cracker into hummas. AMAZING! I have a very sensitive tummy, just like the Princess on the back of your bag. So far I'm feeling good and healthy all thanks to my new favorite cracker. Thank you so much! - 7/26/14
Comment by: Sasha from Colorado

Got the crisps today and they are very tasty. To make a delicious low carb turkey meatloaf, I used my chop master to make breadcrumbs from the cheese crackers - delish! Will try with the onion when I order more, which I will definitely be doing.
Comment by: Kimberly Ayers

Thank you Skinny Crisps! I love your products! I just discovered the Whole Shebang and my mouth is amazed and in awe of such a great product, covering all of my crazy dietary restrictions! Thank you for treating such a sensitive body as mine which such kindness and tastiness. :) Yumm - I am recommending your products to everybody I know. - 5/21/14
Comment by: Laina Taylor

These are so yummy. I have only had the cinnamon crisps and I have to limit myself to a few at a time, otherwise I might eat the whole bag in one sitting. I love to have some almond butter on them too.=) Thanks for great low carb snack!
Comment by: Kristin

Skinny Crisps are by far my favorite treat. My local store is out of them right now and I told them that I am having a crisis because they are out! I don't eat a lot of sugary treats but I do need something everyday. Skinny Crisps are the perfect thing for me. They are healthy and taste amazing. Thank you for making such a wonderful product!
Comment by: Julie

I absolutely love your products - thank you for creating such awesome healthy snacks!!! - 2/19/14
Comment by: S. Farid

I just tried the SEEDED crackers and WOW. Finding crunchy crackers that are basically allergen free are not easy, but I finally found some! I am so excited because they taste so wonderful, and they are healthy! These have easily become my favorite crackers, and they taste wonderful with havarti daiya cheese. Myrna, please do not stop making these products! I have shared this product information on my social networking sites. Hopefully you get even more customers! Thank you! Thank you!
Comment by: Adrienne Suess

THESE are amazing. I used to eat these when I lived in NYC and I miss them. I live in CA now and am join to make a trip out to the nearest grocery store that sells these! Such satisfying taste and texture. Wonderful, mindful ingredients.
Comment by: Jane K.

I cannot express my gratitude for how WONDERFUL these crackers are!!!!! Wow! Thank you so much! - 2/22/14
Comment by: Susan Black

I absolutely love your products - thank you for creating such awesome healthy snacks!!! - 2/19/14
Comment by: Anonymous
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